5 Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job
14 June 2018

We can all feel apathetic with our jobs from time to time; it’s totally normal to get fed up, or to have to find new ways to motivate yourself. Perhaps it’s the dreary weather that punctuates our mood, or the weeks we’ve put in elbow grease in at the office without even the shimmer of a planned holiday on the horizon. In these situations, blinding searching for greener pastures isn’t always the wisest course of action, but if the general ennui hasn’t lifted in months, then maybe it’s something deeper than the weather that’s contributing to your working woes. So to look after your mental and professional health, and to make the most of your skills, we’ve scoured our expert knowledge to come up with a list of signs that it’s time to quit your job.

You’re Always Bored And Lack Motivation

If you begin each day with a sigh and a hefty bout of procrastination scrolling through Facebook or playing online games, it might be time to find a role that better challenges and excites you. It could be that you’ve been in the same job for a number of years, or you’re not being managed effectively, but either way, constant boredom and lack of enthusiasm for your work is a red flag. Psychology Today suggests that if you feel invisible, useless or disconnected at work, you should reconsider your career options.


Your Skills Aren’t Being Utilised

It’s no wonder you’re not feeling engaged if your talents aren’t being used and you’re stuck in a role that won’t utilize your skills. If you’ve been in same role for a while and you’ve discussed new projects with your boss and seem to be treading water on the issue, try expanding your professional horizons and making the most of your expertise elsewhere.


You Worry About Money All The Time

If you’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into a role that pays you pennies, it might be time to pack up and leave. Though money shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all of a job, especially if you’re in an entry level role and looking to gain experience or you love your line of work but your level position is financially limited, it is hugely important when it comes to work-life balance and quality of life. Been at a company for years but been refused a pay rise? Consider other options that will glean greater monetary reward.


You Aren’t Appreciated

Despite bending over backwards to accommodate your company’s needs, covering for your colleagues when they’re sick, working extra hours or sacrificing holidays, if you don’t feel appreciated or valued in your workplace, this can have a massive effect on mental health and wellbeing. Don’t put up with bad treatment, take your efforts elsewhere.


You Never Laugh At Work

Though your workplace isn’t always the best place to practice your stand up, being comfortable and relaxed at work is crucial to job satisfaction. Getting on with your colleagues makes all the difference when it comes to being happy at work, and if you never smile or laugh when you’re at your job, that could indicate that you’re in need of a more positive working environment.


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