7 Of The Most Creative CV’s To Inspire Your Job Hunt
09 May 2018

Did you know that the average time spent looking at a CV is 5-7 seconds? That means if you want to impress an employer with your skills and experience - you better do it fast.

But how do you appeal to a recruiter who sifts through hundreds of CV’s a week? In an impressive effort to set themselves apart from the crowd, these professionals have harnessed their skills to create personalized CV’s, with a track record of landing the job. Here are the six most creative CV’s out there, to inspire you to elevate your resume game and score your dream role.


Pizza Box

Brisbane based designer Zvina Luke took professional influence from the most loved grub in the western world– pizza. And though it may seem absolutely bonkers to turn your CV into a cheesy bread product, Zvina’s skills lie in design and visual content, so she utilized the pizza format as a vibrant display of her abilities, from logo toppings to a skills-listing receipt.


A Mini-Basket Ball Court

Applying for the role of Art Director at Partners + Napier, one creative applicant showed off her skills to wow CEO Sharon Napier by researching her hobbies. Upon finding that she had a soft spot for basketball, she crafted a mini basketball court that contained her CV. Apparently Napier loved the game and it didn’t take long for them to hire her.


A Lego USB

Keen to leave her potential boss with something to remember her by, Emily Kuret, interaction designer for Fjord Toronto Studio created a Lego version of herself attached to a USB that contained her CV and portfolio. Her now-boss Scott Weisbrod, group director of the company's Toronto Studio, still keeps the Lego figurine on his desk, he told CNBC.

"It left a lasting impression," Weisbrod said. "Because she was very qualified first and foremost, it was like: Wow, it's amazing she went the extra mile."


Doughnut Delivery

Everyone loves doughnuts, right? So who in their right mind would object to a CV delivery in the form of these sweet treats? Lukas Yla, a marketing professional from Lithuania was job hunting in San Fransisco and was keen to find a way of standing out from the crowd. Masquerading as a Postmates delivery man, he delivered a box of doughnuts containing his CV and a witty cover letter to hiring managers. Needless to say, his outside the box (or inside, in this case) thinking paid off.


An Ipad

Though not a literal iPad and instead a cardboard creation born from the mind of LA based photographer Joshua Barnatt, this CV displays a portfolio of Barnatt’s work to show prospective employers and clients how photos would look on their website of digital project.  


Ideas In A Box

Kenyan art director and photographer Omondi Abudhi crafted his CV that potential employers could cut out and fold into a box, featuring ‘nutrition’ facts and ‘creative juice’ content. Unsurprisingly this creative approach to applications got him noticed throughout Kenya.


A Google Analytics page

Fortunini, Amazon’s online marketing manager, boasted his online marketing campaigns through a CV inspired by Google Analytics. Clearly conveying his abilities in in online marketing, graphic design and HTML, he used his CV as an easy means for employers to analyse his professional history and understand his passion for digital marketing.


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