Fun Facts About Your Favourite Famous Entrepreneurs
26 April 2018

Many of us envy the entrepreneur lifestyle, well, at least the romanticized idea of it that’s depicted in TV and movies, where we see a stylish thirty-something cruising into work at 11am to chair an important meeting then drive off in their Lamborghini to catch a plane to Dubai.

In reality, life as an entrepreneur is a lot of hard work and at the beginning, sees very little pay off. But if you’re interested in climbing the career ladder, starting your own business or you’re just looking for a chuckle to inspire your workweek, you’ve come to the right place.

From colossal earnings sparked by world-renowned business savvy to celebrities who are self-proclaimed ebay experts, here are ten fun facts about your favourite famous entrepreneurs.


Bill Gates, Microsoft

Would you stop to pick up 10p on the street if you saw it? Don’t think it’s enough of a financial gain? Well imagine making a thousand dollars in the four seconds it took to bend down and pick it up – that gives you an idea of the money that Bill Gates is reeling in.


Harland “Colonel” Sanders, KFC

The famous chicken recipe for KFC took 1,000 attempts before it made it into a restaurant – proving the perseverance (and passion for seasoning) that KFC chief Harland Sanders had.


Duncan Bannatyne, Entrepreneur

Fellow Scot Duncan Bannatyne had his work ethic from a young age, gaining a job as a delivery boy for a newspaper to pay for a new bike by chapping doors in his neighbourhood until 100 people subscribed.


Kim Kardashian, Celebrity, Pop Icon & Businesswoman

Before she made her name as a reality TV star, Instagram queen and cosmetics mogul, Kim Kardashian would make extra cash on ebay. She once bought seven pairs of Timberland boots for $700 and sold them on at $2,500.


Carlos Slim, Investor & Entrepreneur

Named the richest person in the world between 2010 and 2013 by Forbes magazine, but the Mexican business tycoon had a humble beginning, kick-starting his fortune machine at the tender age of 12 after purchasing shares in a Mexican bank.


H. Macy, Macy’s Founder

One of the most popular stores in the US, Macy’s found success after some hefty perseverance from founder H. Macy, who started seven businesses that failed before finding success.


Amacio Ortega, Founder at Inditex Fashion Group

Known as the mastermind behind the Inditex Group that operates clothing lines and retail stores like Zara, Amacio Ortega was the richest person in the world for a few hours in October 2015. But he made his mark in the world of business as teen, delivering shirts for other companies.


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