5 Annoying Things That All Web Developers Know To Be True
18 April 2018

There are heaps of perks when it comes to pursuing a career in web development, that said, there can sometimes be hurdles! Here are five annoying things that all web developers know to be true!


Dealing With Impossible Budgets


There’s nothing more frustrating than being approached by someone with a project in mind and a tiny, delusional budget. Although you may try to accommodate budgets the best as you can, delivering the bad news to someone with £200 to spare who needs £800 worth of work isn’t always fun!


People Who Compare Their Amateur Understanding To Your Professional Skills


We’ve all been there. Discussing a project on the phone with a potential client and they come out with, “I can probably do this myself, but since I don’t have the time…” There’s nothing more annoying than having someone belittle your expertise, especially when it’s definitely not something that they could do themselves. Don’t let anyone dictate your creative process.


When There's An Increase In Project Scope Without Agreement 


You’ve discussed a project and agreed upon a price. Awesome – what could go wrong? A lot, apparently. People who add on extra services that weren’t agreed in the first place make it a total nightmare. Do remember though that often a client won’t know the difference between your different services so may not realize they are being a nuisance.    


When Clients Won’t Agree With Your Preferred Payment Method


If you’re dealing with a potential client via email, or if they’re abroad, you’ll be looking for a secure and safe method of payment, such as PayPal or Transferwise. Having to negotiate a different method can be fine; after all, it helps to accommodate the needs of your client. That said, when someone won’t budge on a method that’s unreliable and not secure, that’s when you can run into real problems.


When You Get The Question: “Can You Add On ____ For Free?”


Freelancers get this sort of thing all the time. You’ve secured a project and agreed payment, terms and conditions and turnaround and everything seems fine and dandy until you’re hit with a request for a ‘freebie’ or ‘add on’. The best way to deal with this is to explain the time it will take to create such a freebie, and bill accordingly, or if you’re feeling generous you could offer a discount out of good will.


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