Now more than ever, it is important for business to be able to continue hiring and recruiting in a fast paced, Global Market. We have made this a priority, providing our clients wherever they are in the world and what ever logistic challenges being faced. Clients are able to push forward with their recruitment requirements whilst working with us. 

Video Interviewing can offer a number of benefits in your recruitment process. Mainly increasing the productivity throughout the process, It allows you to streamline and significantly improve time spent analysing cv's and potential candidates. 

Utilizing the software available to us simply means the challenges of Distance, Timing, Availability or current world events Will not slow down or Hinder your recruitment process

  • Video Interview Technology provides us the ability to carry out Interviews on our clients behalf. Communicating remotely with both clients and candidates
  • We can create short candidate videos, providing you with a summary their key attributes
  • We can carry out various stages of the Interview process on your behalf, Providing Q&A videos with candidates to allow a more rounded understanding of their skills and attributes. 
  • We can also use the software to advertise, as well recruit. This allows to share more detailed information with potential candidates.